What Is Web Development?

“Website development is also known as website development, while professionals who maintain websites are called web developers or web development. Websites are files stored on servers, which are the computers that host websites. These servers are connected to a larger network known as the internet. In the broadest sense, web development includes all operations, updates, and operations required to create, maintain.

Web Development Services

#Hashtronics is a website development company that develop websites or web application. If you also need any of them, #Hashtronics is the right partner for you.

Prototyping and UI/UX design

Engage our engineers to design interactive prototypes and conduct usability testing to guarantee a project with a positive user experience. Employ UI/UX designers with experience to develop meaningful interfaces that encourage users to interact with your platform.

Full stack development

We have a team of full-stack developers specializing in MEAN and MERN stacks. You can also have separate front-end and back-end development teams. Get complete stack development for.Net + JS, PHP + Vue.js, MEAN, and MERN.

Custom website development

We create and construct customized web solutions to successfully connect our clients with their customers. Let’s construct feature-rich, highly functional, resilient, secure, and scalable custom web solutions as well as UI/UX design that complements your brand

How to Outsource Web Development with #Hashtonic Works?

Our company offers various working models that will fit any business from startup to enterprise. You can get a ready-to-go team for Web Development for Website, Ecommerce, Application or a Portal. If you feel like having your own dedicated web development team, our staff augmentation services is available.

Basics Of Web Development

Now we have defined web development, let’s review some of the basics of web development.

Web development communities

Since its launch some fifteen years ago, Stack Overflow has grown to become one of the most well-known programming communities worldwide. Jeff Atwood claims that the ultimate goal of Stack Overflow is to increase the global body of knowledge about good programming. It is a site created by programmers, for programmers." Because other developers have typically asked and answered the same questions, Stack Overflow is an excellent place to go with queries. The forums on Stack Overflow help you stay informed and network with other developers. Of all the online resources, the Mozilla Development Network (MDN) is renowned for being the most accurate and comprehensive. It's more of an extensive library and documentation resource for coding languages than it is a community. It is highly interactive and comprises

Types Of Web Development

Desktop developers specialize in creating software applications that run locally on your device rather than over the Internet in a web browser.

Mobile apps work very differently than other websites and software programs, thus requiring different development skills and knowledge of specialized programming languages.

Security developers typically act as ethical hackers, attempting to "break" websites to reveal vulnerabilities without intent to cause harm. They also build systems that detect and eliminate security threats.

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